Children at LNS

The faculty knows each child and his/her family. Children’s self-esteem and self-confidence are nurtured, as well as the ability to cooperate in a group and enjoy others. The atmosphere is one of warmth and mutual respect. 

Teachers and parents support children in:

- Being creative and imaginative
- Fostering independence and self-help skills
- Problem solving
- Becoming curious explorers
- The feelings that accompany conflict resolution
- Pursuing their natural interests.

Our Play-Based Curriculum

At Lincoln Nursery School, our curriculum is rooted in our respect for children’s interests, ideas, and abilities. We build meaningful curriculum through a dynamic process of observation and documentation of children’s play, teachers’ interests, and school traditions. The curriculum emerges and evolves as our children‘s interests and curiosities unfold. Open-ended materials are offered in intentionally designed environments, inspiring children to make meaning and connections within their world: Beauty and authenticity are invitations to explore. Through exploration, children becomes agents of their play, sharing ideas, developing theories, experimenting, and recognizing their similarities and differences as citizens of the world.

The Importance of Play

Children learn best through play: making choices, solving problems, planning what they are going to do and gaining a sense of control. Play, the foundation of every child’s social, emotional, physical, creative and cognitive development, is a natural medium for children to work through experiences, ideas and feelings. It is the foundation of curriculum at LNS.