Making Connections

Play provides a window into young children’s thinking and social-emotional development. Play based learning allows for a holistic experience, as children negotiate concepts embedded in science, math, art, history, literacy, language, music and movement, in their daily activities. At Lincoln Nursery School, children are invited to explore and make connections related to their interests, each other, and their environment through a wide variety of materials and experiences …

Visual Arts, Materials, and Play

Children use a rich variety of materials to tell their stories, solve problems, and develop relationships. Their thinking processes are represented through play, painting, sculpting, drawing, and writing. Teachers and children collaborate and reflect, continuing a process of inquiry until the process or project meets the child’s expressed intent.


Observing children’s play and documenting their dialogue and interactions, brings us to an understanding of each child and of the group. Children’s learning processes become shared knowledge through documentation. By taking time to listen to the child, we understand how they give meaning to their world. Documentation can be seen throughout the classroom in the form of written pieces, displays of works, and photographs.

Music & Movement

music and movementThe music and movement program at LNS is taught by Mark Weltner (also a teacher in the Blue Class). Mark models a love for music and movement, responding to the children’s interests and talents. Activities include creating our own movements for songs, yoga (sometimes creating our own poses), free-form dance, and acting out lyrics. Instruments may be brought out to play rhythms or to imitate the sound of moose hooves on rocks (reflecting current classroom curriculum) although we are more likely to use our own bodies as instruments, as we clap, tap and stomp in different ways and rhythms. Children participate at their own pace and in their own style, as there are as many ways of learning as there are children in the world.